Sunday, November 25, 2012

just watch where you walk when you're losing the way

that awesome moment when someone at the bar tells you your hair is all the rage this season. my roots were showing and my sister threw in a few highlights for me and it kind of ended up looking like this:

I love being a happenin chick, on accident!! I feel like I somehow cheated the system. Success!!

I've been doing all kinds of cooking lately but haven't posted my results. I made a really awesome batch of chicken and gnocchi soup. Found the recipe here. She has some awesome stuff and you can recreate your favorite chain restaurant dishes. AND if you're super awesome you can tweak recipes and make them healthier.

I had an awesome time during Thanksgiving. I was able to travel up north with my sister and spend a couple days with my parents and visiting awesome friends. It was a quick visit but a nice break.

Today we are roasting a huge pot roast with a red wine sauce. Also indulging in some Breaking Bad. I leave you with this jam. Happy days........

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  1. Fab weekend. I love this hair everything. The foods you had sound amazing.