Tuesday, June 5, 2012


I left Maine with a chip on my shoulder. I thought I was too good for this place, I thought there was so much more out there to see, but yet everywhere I went and everyone I met I was so proud to boast that I was "Christina from Maine!" I have an entire new appreciation for this great state.

Riding through Maine when I was just arriving back was something special. The sun was setting, there was no traffic, just plush green woods and grass and blue sky. It felt to me like I had rearranged the views I had inside my head and discovered that everything I needed was right here all along. THAT is a special feeling, and THAT was worth every penny I spent on my trip. It goes without saying that of course there are some spectacular places out there in this country, and there are certainly a few I wouldn't mind relocating to one day, but for now I am happy to hang my hat in Maine and truly rediscover it's beauty.

 There are a LOT of people I need to give thanks to. I think about these people all the time and wish there could be some way to repay them for the hospitality and generosity.

I felt so safe out on the road, and I am amazed that in 11,000 miles NOTHING bad happened, no one messed with me, nothing got stolen, I didn't crash, I never got a flat tire. I truly believe someone up there was looking out for me. One thing I discovered on the road is that you can do whatever you dream. There is nothing and no one stopping you from getting what you want out of life. And if there is something stopping you, then maybe it is time to change that aspect of your life. If you feel as though you are a victim in this world, it is time to change that and starting living each day as though you are conquering something. It is important to appreciate things in life; a gorgeous view, a nice long drive through the mountains, the birds singing outside of your window. I am practicing living more in each moment, rather than getting stressed and worried about nothing having everything I want and need in an instant. Life is all about taking the appropriate steps to happiness. It easy to get stressed about money matters, car troubles, relationship problems. But if you can realize what you need to do to be happy and if you can take small steps toward your goals, that in itself is an accomplishment.

I also learned that I need to have a creative outlet in my life. I've been fulfilling that with my hula hoops. I might not make a bunch of money from selling them, and I might not know every trick that I would like to master, but I have something to continuously work on. And If I can make one person happy with a homemade hula hoop, then I am satisfied. Whether it is art, music, poetry, rock climbing, dancing; find something you have a passion for and run with it. Enjoy it, study it, learn it, and most importantly; share it. Life is too short to not enjoy what we do.

 It has been GO GO GO since I have been back in Maine. I moved into a great little spot out in the country in Hermon. I go to sleep every night and it is so silent, I love it. I have a great little yard..I feel as though I can live in peace out here. It is SO nice to have a home base and spread out my stuff. I spent a few days in Fort Kent visiting my parents, who have been so incredibly supportive through my entire journey. They are so proud. We had a really fantastic time out on Long Lake at the sporting club. I visited my Memere, who also just made a big move from her house of 60 years to a little apartment in Fort Kent. It was difficult to say goodbye to that house. I have so many fond memories of visiting when I was a child, riding the four wheeler around the farm, climbing trees and running around with my brother and sister. Life is so simple up there. I also got to have a fantastic lunch with free-lance writer Julia Bayly. She gave me so much amazing advice on how to get started as a freelancer. It is a lot of hustle, is what she told me, but I am refreshed and ready to work. I have a few interviews lined up in the coming weeks, but I am really focusing and taking my time in order to find the best fit. Serenity. Peace. Love.

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