Saturday, May 19, 2012

smells like...seattle

So, I wanted to do a quick update about my stay in Washington. *WARNING* this post gets slightly long and random..

I wasn't even sure if I should head up there or not, but was pretty sure I would regret not going to Seattle. So I booked the cheapest room I could find on the net, which was in North Seattle, which was without question, the ghetto. The experience in the motel was pretty humorous. I got there around 5pm after driving from Eugene. I wanted to relax a little bit then head downtown to find this sushi place I was told I needed to go to in Bell town. So of course the maintenance man starts to pressure wash the deck of the motel right outside of my room. The noise was so loud and it went on forever. So I tried to call the desk but the phone was busted. So, long story short I had the maintenance guy, the front desk guy and the manager at one point all in my room trying to fix the phone..and I was pretty much trying to get a discount for all the chaos, but that was a miss, but all I really wanted was for the noise to stop, which somehow it did.

So anyway, the place seemed to be full of people that were actually living there. I heard some kids next door yelling, "Don't fuck with SEATTLE!!" And they were def. burning the chronic. When I got the courage to walk past the party to go to my car, I tried to find a place to get some dinner.

Couldn't find anything really decent in north Seattle, so I decided to try going downtown. Couldn't find any parking on the street and it was $12.50 to park for an hour or so in one of the lots! So I was gonna suck it up and pay but noticed way too many sketchy people in the lot looking into cars and one lady even came over to my window, all cracked out on H or something, and started pointing at me and looking away but still pointing. It was so uncomfortable, so I decided to bounce, and she called me a scared bitch or something of that nature and flipped me off! After that I tried to go to a Subway for a sandwich but the guy working, lets call him crazy eyes, upon me asking him how his night was yelled "BAD!!", i decided to bounce from there as well and go across the street to a Chinese place. this point I'm feeling disheveled, irritated, tired, slightly nervous and scared? I tell the man at the desk I just want an order of spicy ginger broccoli to go, and of course rice is $1 extra so I pass, but I tell him I will be waiting for that at the bar. I sit with a creepy old dude and the bartender drinking a tsing toa and recapping in my mind the chaos that was trying to find dinner. Chatted with the bar tender for a minute about my experience working in a Chinese place and exchanged what few words I knew with him. Grabbed the food and left and made it safely back to my room.

Slept for a few hours but woke up suddenly by one of the WORST nightmares I've had in a long time around 1 in the morning. Left Seattle first thing in the morning, but not before stopping at starbucks for coffee and some gas, but could not use my credit card to fill up, had to be cash or debit. Seriously left Seattle without looking back or anything. But hey, can't love them all right!! I thought I would like Seattle so much more, and maybe on a different day it would have been magic.

So I drove across the state over to Spokane. Stopped at wal mart to get a few supplies for camp. This place was great and was certainly better than Seattle in my opinion. My campsite was great, and in a nice shady spot. I went downtown and got the sushi I had been craving the night before. The downtown was really charming and I had no problem finding a parking spot, FOR FREE!! I sat at the bar and seconds later this dude sits next to me. The bartender asked if we were together and it was kind of weird for a second but I made a joke like, Nope! But he can pay! And he ended up buying me a thai beer anyway. It was cool and we chatted for a minute about Maine and Washington and whatever. Went back to camp and made a fire and had a couple smores. I really enjoyed Spokane Valley and would go back to visit for sure. It redeemed Washington of all that was Seattle.

Today I drove through the top of Idaho, only took a couple hours really. Now I'm in Missoula Montana camping out and tomorrow I drive to Bozeman, MT. I'm visiting wtih a buddy from New Hampshire that I haven't seen in almost 10 years. It should be cool. Let the adventure continue!!! Peace "And I never mention everything I dabble in And I always ride slow when I'm traveling" NM

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