Monday, February 13, 2017

Foodie Files: Brahma Grill: A Review

96 Hammond Street
Bangor, ME 04401 

First Impressions-

  • Yumazing
  • Fancy yet casual vibe
  • Love the Tavern Menu- smaller portions at a smaller price
  • Price Range- $$$ - a night out to treat yourself
  • Knowledgeable, friendly staff, very helpful with the menu
My Drink: A Cosmic Orange Tini- Reyka Vodka, fresh squeezed OJ, cranberry juice &orange zest
My Drink-

  • The waitress suggested this drink to me, it was the bartender's special cocktail of the night. I'm glad she did- it was like candy. Just one had me buzzing- but it wasn't overpowering with a boozy taste.
Scallops Provencal - pan seared with shallots & tomato in buttery white wine
Our Starter-
  • We shared the scallops- they were amazing! I would get these again.

The In Between-

  • Parker house rolls served warm, with butter that was perfectly soft and not hard/cold. The rolls were soft on the inside, and slightly sweet with a crispy shell on the outside- PERFECTION.
  • The wedge salad was HUGE! Next time I would go with the smaller wedge salad, unless I have someone to share it with. It was so generously smothered with blue cheese dressing and bacon bits- my two favorite things on an iceberg wedge!
Garlic Mussels- steamed in white wine with scallions 
Potato Skins- cheddar, horseradish sour cream and bacon
The Tavern Menu-
  • I really like this concept on the menu, because I am the kind of person that really likes to try a bunch of different things and have a hard time choosing something. This way we were able to try a couple things for the price of one.
  • Between the sauce of the scallops & the mussels, we were just drooling over our plates. Our waitress brought us a couple more rolls so that we could soak up the last of what we could of the sauce! Well done!
New York Strip with 2 sides- bacon mac & cheese and pasta Alfredo
& This is why they are called a Grill Room-
  • The steak! The flavor.. the smell of it as it made its way out of the kitchen and to our table. It was obviously incredible because I distinctly remember it enough to put it in this post!
  • The two sides that came with this giant steak were also huge, very generous portions! As you can see the plate was completely filled. We had an entire leftover meal to take home from this one.
  • Gary had the Portobello mushroom demi glace on the side- a gravy type sauce- it was so good!
When Dessert time came, we were completely stuffed and totally threw in the towel. It feels like this blog post is incomplete without it, so I regret that big time now. I'll for sure have to go back next time I am in the mood to treat myself to something amazing right here in downtown Bangor! Do it- you won't regret it (unless you skip dessert- like me.)


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