Monday, November 21, 2016

Bark Box Review

Anyone that knows me at all knows I have a slight obsession with my dog, so it is no surprise that I like to spoil her. Subscription boxes are becoming hugely popular; with a box to satisfy just about anyone: make up addicts, expecting mothers, fitness and health, so much more. There also happens to be boxes for our four legged family members.

I decided to give Bark Box a try when I discovered I could get a discount for using my Bangor Savings Bank checking account. It was easy to sign up and my first box shipped right away! It is my new favorite thing to look forward to. We have received 2 boxes so far and they are a hit with my dog.

Each box has a theme, and our first box was New York City

The website makes it super easy to re-order any items that your dog is a big fan of. I may or may not have re-purchased a few favorites.

The lady liberty ball was the favorite. She may have completely ripped off the adorable fabric, but the ball seems to be pretty indestructible! She devoured the Big Apple Crunch Bar. She doesn't seem to be a huge fan of the Elicksors greens- too healthy for my piggy. But I dip them in a little peanut butter sometimes. She will eat the Bacon Barkers but they don't seem to be her first choice. I wasn't sure how she would like the pretzel plush. Another dog that we know came over and loved it, and Mischief seems to as well. She's started to play tug of war with me and she loves chewing on it. Overall the box was a huge hit.

The 5 items in this box retail for $43. The monthly box costs $20 and with my discount for using Bangor Savings Bank I pay a total of $18. That is a savings of $25 on all of these items!

The theme for this month's delivery was of course: Thanksgiving!

This month we got 6 items that retail for $44. Mischief loved the Turkey Jerky Sticks, and the packaging for the jerky had a message on it that advertised a free gift. I went to the website and Mischief will be getting a customized dog tag that I only had to pay $1.99 for shipping! She also loved the Turkey day Football. I am saving the "lick the chef" apron for Thanksgiving. She will probably also get the knuckle slice on turkey day as well. The poop bags are PERFECT because we were low on bags and they have hilarious sayings on each bag, so it makes picking up poop a little bit more humorous.

So far I really love getting the box in the mail each month and Mischief always seems to enjoy it too. I consider spoiling my dog one of my favorite hobbies! There is a referral program, so if anyone is interested in signing up- we both get a free box! It is my understanding you can cancel at anytime, but you will need to visit for complete details.

Not really sure there is a better way to end this post than with a couple of cute pictures of piggy:

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