Thursday, May 22, 2014

Spring Fever

I've been so absent from my writing that I don't even know how to recap the last few weeks. So I'll just start with my awesome day today~

Beautiful weather has arrived! Amy & I hooped at Pushaw lake this morning and then hit the Harvest Moon Deli in Orono for some heady sandwiches!! After I dropped her off, I stopped by the car wash and shined up the Subie. Came home to do some hardcore spring cleaning ~ mopped floors, laundry, bathrooms, dishes, dusting and a bit of organizing. It feels so incredible.

I will start working full time again on Monday! Let's just say I've been on a roller coaster of an employment/unemployment journey these last few months. I am starting FRESH and beginning an exciting new chapter of my life. I'll finally get my first job where I can put my degree to use and learn from some really dynamic people. I'll be sure to update as things move forward...

I've been putting lots of exciting hoop things into the works! I'll have more details soon, but stay tuned for hoop jam announcements, some performances and teaching opportunities!

Recently I posted a video in a hoop group on Facebook. It got over 300 likes! AND one of my hoop idols Mona Shpongle Hoops liked it!! Eeeep!! Excuse my while I have a major fan girl moment over here.

To see the video check out my Facebook page:

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