Sunday, April 13, 2014

started from the bottom now we here...hoop life version!

dug this up from the archives. circa 2011 with my re-taped kiddo hoop found on second street in Bangor :)

This is somewhat of an ode to my first & last wally-world, kid size/water filled hula hoop..

It came to me as a gift from a cook that I worked with. I'd been known to hoop at work from time to time and knowing how oddly obssesed I was he grabbed one that was going to be thrown away and gave it to me. I added some tape to give it some grip/extra weight. It had water in it also, but it was still lighter than the hoops I began working with. It was flexible, but not durable. I remember it being great for learning to hoop on my legs because the extra momentum was there from the water and because of it's flexibility.

These kids hoops are inexpensive and therefore they aren't the most long lasting, but I have found that a little creativity some extra TLC can go a long way. Adding tape made it much more durable and kept any water from leaking out.  Draining the water out is another way to alter the hoop~ just use a drill to make a small hole in the hoop and hang it to drain. 

I always kind of knock the cheapo hoops but I still find myself playing with them whenever I spot one at a drugstore or wal-mart. A hoop is a hoop sometimes! I totally forgot that hoop was in my collection for the longest time. I almost feel bad for neglecting to give it the credit it deserves to my journey. I have no idea where it ended up. I must have given it away when I moved. But it served me pretty well in the beginning of my hoop days.

Anyway, I always say - variety is the spice of your hooping life. Have whatever you want in your collection. Watch it grow and evolve. Most of my hoops have pretty good stories attached to them.


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