Monday, August 12, 2013


Things kicked off Thursday night in West Market Square. I got to catch Box Tiger & North of Nashville. I met Street Cirque; a talented lady that attends Vassar College and is a member of the school's circus troupe Barefoot Monkeys. She had a staff, LED poi, a hoop and a flow wand. We hooped together for a while.

Friday....ohh Friday. It was pretty sad. We had some crazy monsoon weather. I accepted the fact that there is no way everything that I've been to this summer could have beautiful and perfect weather (pretty close though..) I hung out with Nikki at the Charles Inn for most of the afternoon. We braved the rain and walked around for a bit and got drenched. We decided to take cover at the tavern for a while before calling it a night.

Saturday! Amazing. Totally made up for Friday. The ground was pretty muddy and the dance tent was declared "the poop tent" by Spose..but the day was perfect. I got out of work at 4 and arrived in time to catch the Spose set. Afterwards my friends convinced me to ride the gravitron. I was so pumped after that I decided we were all going to ride the free zip line. What a rush!
The view from where I zipped on the waterfront

My girl doin her thing

I really had to keep an open mind for a lot of the music..there was so much that I didn't know about. But give me a hoop and an outdoor concert and I'll jam for days..Seeing my sister rocking out and having a blast with her crazy friends was great. Getting to be with her and my friends was awesome. I connected with a lot of people through the hoop. I even won two tickets from Mexicali blues at the last minute!

There's a lot to be said about the layout of the venue and the setup of the festival. I had a lot of mixed feelings. At times it was great and at times I was confused...but at the end of it all I was in love with life and didn't want it to end.

Recovering on Sunday was just as wonderful. We spent the morning getting ice coffee and saying goodbye to friends heading back North and cleaning our house. In the afternoon I got to take a dip in the lake and get my doggy some outside playtime..followed by grocery shopping and whipping up a really yummy chicken dish on a whim.

This week I'm looking at things with a positive outlook and working on the next steps...

For more pictures of KahBang Music and Arts Festival check out Hippy Go Lucky Hoops on FaceBook!

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