Saturday, April 6, 2013

Does size matter?

I had this conversation with a hooper friend of mine a few weeks ago. Does it really matter what size hoop you are using? Is there a standard way to "measure" what the right hoop size would be for you?

I have found that many people just starting to hoop for the first time and those that are looking to purchase their first hoop are very concerned about the size and if it's the "right size." I have been told that a hoop that is the same height within the range of your belly button and chest would be a proper fit.

I believe that this rule of thumb works well for beginners and those that are looking to get comfortable with hooping basics. However, I have found that within my practice, size need not apply!

Recently, I have been experimenting with mini hoops and poly pros, which are very different then the larger hoops I have based much of my practice on. I am finding this new, incredible connection between my body and my hula hoop, and this almost effortless kind of flow that is completely on point and beautiful.

My poly pro is light, and at first it was like I was beginning my journey all over again from the start. I could barley waist hoop with it, but I have finally been able to keep the momentum going. My mini hoops are also inspiring me to think outside of the box -- changing up my routine with new perspective.

I feel as though I have overcome a plateau that I was on for a while. It happened sometime after Caterina's workshop and getting my poly pro hoop from Kim. I am doing tricks and things that I could never do before, and it feels like magic almost. I feel like summer is coming and I am excited to be outside in the warm weather, with my hoop and new style.

It is a fresh feeling to know that you can't give up. Just when you think you're ready to throw in the towel and you have achieved all you can: keep going. There is always more out there..and there are always new heights to be reached. Peace and love to you all.

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