Monday, March 25, 2013

Three Thousand Views - Hippy Go Lucky Hoops loves YOU!

3000 views, 69 posts, and over half of the country later...hippy go lucky hoops is growing into this beautiful little space that I find comfort. I recently posted an article on my FaceBook page about wasting my twenties, and how overwhelming it can feel to basically sit here and anticipate what comes next.

I find it difficult to face the future and also deal with the past. I'm trying to accept my mistakes, but also celebrate my triumphs. Anyone that reads my writing regularly knows I'm a fan of small victories. I want to celebrate life where I can.

I wont lie, it's been a rough transition back into the 'real world' this last year since being back from the road. I find that passion is one of those things you need to hang onto, because it gets lost in every day life type bullshit. One of the many reasons I like hooping so much is because I like when it changes. I like when it's different but I also like when it's all the same. It is comfort, it is a thrilll.

I've been developing a lot of ideas and things that I want to accomplish this year. I have an amazing support system, and now I just need to figure out exactly what direction I'm going in. Some people choose a path in life that make sense. They have an checklist of life events and situations that they go through. I guess I thought I was on that path, until you hit a certain point and start to question if what you are doing is useful or what your actual purpose is.

I celebrate this blog, and being able to keep it real and share my words. I love that this page has been seen 3,000 times and I hope to start connecting with readers more.

Thanks!! -Peace and love, Hippy Go Lucky Hoops 

Follow your dreams
happy hooping

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