Thursday, June 21, 2012

Grilling 1...2...3 Mussels!

Happy Summer!

'Tis the season to fire up the grill. I love cooking outside. Everything just tastes better over an open flame. But rather than just grilling up the usual burgers, bbq chicken and kabobs, I keep trying to think outside of the box with what I can throw on there.

While browsing the fish market for some yummies, I stumbled upon some fresh, live mussels for .99/pound. I decided to get about a pound and a quarter. Initially I planned to boil them in a great big pot, however I discovered they were just big enough to put on the grill and not fall through.

The only prep work that these babies require is a good rinse in the sink. They were so fresh, as if someone just scooped them up off of the ocean floor that morning, so it is important to clean them. Secondly, you want to toss any mussels that do not appear to be tightly closed. After that I tossed them right onto the grill, at a low setting. They were so quick and easy. As soon as the shells are open you know they are ready.

To accompany the mussels I like to have a side of boiled water to dip and rinse and then a side of melted butter. These mussels are a perfect addition to any meal as a yummy side OR as a main dish. You could also toss them into some pasta.

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